Anterior Hip Replacement

After the Operation

How long will I stay in hospital after an anterior hip replacement?

The time you spend in hospital depends on your individual circumstances and general health. Most patients will spend their time in hospital on either the 1st Floor or 2nd Floor of St Vincent's Private East Melbourne.

The average stay in hospital is 2-4 days, but if your general health is poor, then you may need to spend more time on the ward recovering or in rehabilitation. For your convenience, rehabilitation can be organised for the 3rd Floor of St Vincent's Private East Melbourne.

The golden rule is ... you only go home after you are walking safely and your pain is well controlled. How long that takes is different for everyone.

The wonderful nurses and physiotherapists at the St Vincent's Hospital East Melbourne will take the best care of you and tailor your stay to your needs.

What can I expect during my stay in hospital?


A special local anaesthetic pump is inserted during the operation to slowly infuse local anaesthetic into your hip joint for 24 - 48 hours. Most people find this wonderful pain relief, but there are also backup medications we can give you incase you need more medications to help with your recovery.


Most people are able to start gently walking on the day of surgery. Over your stay in hospital, you will increase the distance you want and the time you spend on your feet.

Bruising and Swelling

It is not uncommon for your thigh to become quite bruised and swollen. It can sometimes look very severe and also include your knee and calf. This is due to the effect of gravity and usually quite normal.