• 2015 Australia Orthopaedic Association Award for Orthopaedic Education
    • 2014 American British Canadian (ABC) Travelling Fellowship
    • 2014 Best Presentation and Research Paper – Victorian Branch – Australian Orthopaedic Association – Annual Scientific Meeting
      The Use of a Patient Orthopaedic Website as an adjunct in surgical consent – randomised control trial (Presented by Dr Andrew Fraval)
    • 2012 Western Health Excellence Award
    • 2012 Victorian Public Healthcare Award – Silver
    • 2011 Western Health Innovation Award
    • 2011 SACS Leadership Award
    • 2010 Western Health Innovation Award
    • 2007 Orthoapedic Registrar Prize (AORA)
    • 2002 Best Paper – Southern Trauma Symposium
    • 2002 Bennett Research Prize (RACS)
    • 2001 Neurosurgery Prize (RACS)

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